Wood Art and Signs make kiwiana, garden art, and wall art. We also make wooden signs, large and small, to order.

Hi I’m Dennis Duggan, owner of the business. I have worked for many years with my friend, Dave, creating fine fences, landscaping and orchard structures for our clients. This business was inspired when Dave and I saw what a variety of beautiful work could be done with a CNC router, using wood and other mediums. We enjoy working with wood and timber, and have a love and belief in the joy of making and sharing art work and practical pieces made from natural materials, particularly recycled, rescued and re-purposed timber. The work starts with an image, either from existing stock, a photograph, or design, but the fun starts when we begin to brainstorm ideas for experimenting with raw materials to fill carved areas. In fact, the first piece sold was from a fallen pōhutukawa branch which was cut into a narrow ‘round’, placed in the CNC router and a gecko design carved into it very successfully. But what to fill it with? After much thought we decided to crush green beer bottle glass into small chunks and pour a protective coating over the top to secure them. It was so successful and so striking that one of Dave’s friends bought it on the spot.

We strongly believe in protecting our natural environment and a lot of our business practices reflect that belief. We use zero plastic in packaging and posting. Packed and sent in recycled cartons and cardboard packaging. The contents are protected by our home-made padding which is made from recycled and unwanted clothing from the fashion industry and other textiles.

Many of our products are sealed with eco oils and paints which have low or no VOC’s and no solvents, and we are working hard to extend that to all our art and signs.

Check out our work and Reviews to see examples of some of our work, or go to Contact Us to request a quote.